Want Great Skin for Life?

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Like most people, as you age your skin and complexion starts to change and not always for the better. Fact is, following a few simple steps will encourage your body to keep that healthy looking skin.

While it may be easier said than done, keeping stress to a minimum has been proven to keep your skin looking great. Increases in stress have been shown to produce acne, due to the increase in body oils which reduces the bodies ability to fight off the acne causing bacterias. A couple easy ideas can be to practice controlled breathing, yoga and meditation.

When washing, any soaps or products that leave your skin feeling oily or leaves some sort of residue, can also reduce the bodies ability to fight off skin blemishes. Soft water also isn’t fully capable of removing soap from your body, requiring less product to allow the water to properly remove the soap from your skin. If your home has hard water, you’ll want to use more soap than normal, otherwise you may end up with dry skin.

Something most may not consider is the air quality in your home or office, which can lead to releases in the body that can have a damaging effect on the skin and speed up the aging process. If you have dry air, using a humidifier can add enough moisture to the air so your skin can stay properly hydrated. Remember to change the air filter in your home often as a dirty air filter can send dirt particles through your vents which ultimately can harm your body.

Dairy products unfortunately can also cause your skin to blemish and make you prone to acne breakouts. Products such as sherbert, cottage cheese and breakfast drinks have been found to increase your chances of severe breakouts according to some dermatologists.

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