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Procede is a cosmetic hair care product intended to make the appearance of thinning hair look better. Procede does not claim to regrow lost hair. The formulation of Procede is drug-free, and for the same reason it need not be approved by the FDA. The Procede hair care system is basically designed to be used by men. However, their other hair care products such as conditioners, gels, hairspray, and shampoos can be used by women as well.

What Is the Effect of Using Procede

Procede’s patent pending formulation allows each strand of thinning hair to become thicker and stronger, thus giving it a fuller appearance. Research studies conducted by the company purportedly confirm the increase of the diameter of the hair shaft, making fine hairs thicker after application of Procede.

This is a two-step system and Procede is applied to the thinning hair areas of the head. The first is the activating formula and the second is the balancing formula.

How to Use Procede

The manufacturer recommends that the formulation is to be applied only once in 90 stays. The activating formula is to be applied is to be first applied and rinsed off after a full hour. Then the balancing formula is to be applied and left on the scalp for 30 minutes before being rinsed off.

The company states that results may be seen within 48 hours of application of Procede. However, to maintain this appearance of thicker hair on the head, the product has to be used every 90 days.

It is also recommended that Procede be tested on a patch on the arm to determine allergic reactions if any prior to using on the scalp.


The product use builds fuller and thicker strands of hair.

The product comes with a 90 day free trial.


The ingredients of the product are not stated clearly.


Procedeworks! It is the best product I have ever seen for thinning hair!

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