How to massage baby with massage oils

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The massage in infants is extremely flattering to physically and mentally, it is also a way of establishing a strong bond between mother and child.

But how and why do the massage? The best option are the massage oils as well as facililitar slippage of the hands, nourish the skin of the child and offer the benefits of aromatherapy.

The massage oils have many positive effects in infants, are soothing and provide a sense of comfort. The time massage can promote a wonderful bond between mother and child and oils can play an important role in this process, they also help your hands glide smoothly over your baby’s body.

Choose the natural oils and edible oils such as grape seed or almond oil, but you can also use pure vegetable oil with the addition of a drop of lavender, vanilla or lemon oil to massage even more enjoyable.

The oils are the best food because babies always tend to play with your hands or feet and the oil can easily enter the mouth. You can also buy soft massage oils for babies that are designed especially for your skin and always avoid applying to the face and head.

How to massage baby

Before starting with the always heated massage oil in the palms of the hands and slide your hands on the baby’s chest, gently massaging the abdomen from right to left, one hand after another.

Then walk fingers into the abdomen from left to right and top to bottom, then each leg wound in the palm of your hand and massage the baby’s little feet, pushes into the abdomen rodillitas press gently for a few seconds and then repeat the movement.

For the massage of the back you have to do with movements back and forth through it and then from the shoulders to the feet of the baby. The end of the massage is the sweetest because culminates with a gentle kiss.

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