Chronic fatigue syndrome: Always tired and exhausted

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A chronic fatigue syndrome is now a recognized disease that strikes more and more people and against which there is no definite therapy till now.

The chronic fatigue syndrome takes more and more in society. This also becomes clear that, for example, that increasing numbers of people who are in public, to commit to this disease. Chronic fatigue syndrome is thus not uncommon, but occurs more frequently.

Many symptoms – a disease

In many cases, the disease occurs gradually, so that the victims do not notice under which they suffer. The chronic fatigue syndrome shows, for example, the fact that you are constantly tired and exhausted. This is a downright physical and mental paralysis. Often it is easier for those affected even hard to get up in the morning. It can also come to other symptoms such as sore throat and headache, and muscle and joint pain. However, concentration and memory problems are not uncommon.

While in a ‘normal’ people one to two nights want to sleep, relax enough, this is not the case for those affected. Those affected suffer from insomnia and have no restful sleep. Often also the lymph nodes are very sensitive and any small effort can become a veritable tour force. In some cases, it is also reported that the disease can suddenly call flu. If such symptoms occur, consult a doctor urgently. However, this is first classified as a rule it was not necessary, since every once exhausted. Some laboratories now offer simple saliva tests to determine whether it is CFS.

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

The chronic fatigue syndrome is now recognized as a disease. Since there is no panacea here, every moment is oriented therapy to the main symptoms of the patient. Thus, it can for example be the case that you receive a corresponding painkillers for headaches. Furthermore, it is often advised to therapy. Generally, a chronic fatigue syndrome is fighting with a lot of stress and activity. Easily, this is not a rule but as this incredibly difficult for the person concerned.

However, this should be taken to ensure that, despite all clumsiness no lack of movement occurs, because this may increase the syndrome yet. Anyone who is not sure whether a chronic fatigue syndrome exists, should best be examined by several doctors to get multiple opinions of various experts. These are then also try to find suitable therapeutic measures. Here are then often tried different alternatives to see what works best strikes for the respective patient. Thus, a chronic fatigue syndrome in the affected will be fought in different ways.

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